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Highly qualified financial advice, from one woman to another. 'The Eva Professional' and 'The Eva Retiree' benefit from our personal and sensitive approach, helping you understand your finances and formulate a plan to achieve financial security and control.


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Eva Wealth is a fresh new approach in financial planning, from one woman to another. Our mission is to provide highly qualified financial planning and wealth management advice within an environment where you feel comfortable to talk.

Whether you are facing taking responsibility for the family finances for the first time, as a result of a partner’s death, or divorce, or whether you are a professional working woman in the midst of your career, at Eva we are here to listen to your hopes and aspirations, your concerns and your fears. By getting to know YOU and your situation, we can help you build a financial plan for now and your future.

I have dealt with Sarah several times in recent years, specifically for advice about pensions and investments for my children. She is a delight to work with, professional, friendly and I really felt that she had given my particular circumstances due thought, in the advice I received and have since taken up.


Sarah Roughsedge

Founder, Sarah Roughsedge, launched Eva Wealth to provide a highly qualifed Independent Financial Services company that has women at the very heart of it. Eva Wealth has a rich family heritage and a history of loyalty. We are a family firm, privately owned and fully independent.

How can Eva help you?

Eva Wealth provides highly qualified independent financial advice, whether you are building your career or managing your finances through retirement. We aim to provide you with financial advice that covers all areas of life rather than limiting advice to just a product driven solution. This means that we will consider how all your plans and investments overlap and interact with one another in order to formulate the most effective and efficient strategy, unique to you.

The Eva Professional

Investments & Portfolio Management

IHT & Estate Planning

The Eva Retiree

Investments & Portfolio Management

IHT & Estate Planning

Income Generation

Pension Withdrawal Management

Long Term Care*

Financial Planning for Divorce

Pension Advice

Mortgage* & Debt


Lump sum settlements

Planning for the future

* Please note:

Where an advice need is identified in the area of Mortgages or Long Term Care, with your permission we would refer this area of advice to our parent company, Clarus Wealth, where there are advisers who specialise in these areas. Your Eva Wealth adviser would remain in touch with the advice process through Clarus Wealth with you.

Please refer to our Eva Services Guide [PDF] for more information on our services.

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Sarah has managed mine and my children’s investments for a number of years. I have appreciated her personal care and support
and feel I can trust her to provide a service that takes into account my personal circumstances and wishes. She always takes time to patiently explain implications to enable me to understand relevant points relating to my investments. I recommend Sarah as someone of integrity and trustworthiness.



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We offer an initial meeting at no cost. If you like what you have read about us, give us a call on 01935 315611 and we will happily meet with you to allow us each to assess whether we feel this is a journey we can embark on together!

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