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Why EVA Wealth Management for Women?

Many women find it difficult to know where to start with financial planning. Whether you’re thinking about retirement, have money to invest or have investments, want to be more tax-efficient, are navigating a business sale, or just want to be more intentional with your money – knowing who to approach and trust can be tricky.

At Eva Wealth we seek to bring financial freedom for women by giving you the tools to take charge of your financial future. We have an understanding of the unique challenges faced by women in the modern world and offer a personal approach, providing our expert financial advice to guide you through life so that you can achieve your goals both before and throughout your retirement.

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Understanding the differences

There are some clear differences in men’s and women’s lives: women tend to live longer than men, and many interrupt their careers to have children, or forego high-earning jobs to prioritise childcare or look after elderly family.

Lower lifetime earnings even in higher paid jobs (see our Gender Pay Guide here for more) can also lead to an impact in gaps in pensions.

Recognising the gaps and understanding how it affects you means you’re in a better position to improve your finances and bridge them, especially when planning for the future. Taking control of your finances can help you reach your goals and provide peace of mind.

There are also trends that show that women manage wealth differently.

We are passionate about understanding the diversity of women’s needs and empowering our clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to grow and protect their wealth in new ways. We will always be on hand to guide you through the complex world of finance, pensions and wealth management, so that you can live the life you want to have.

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